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Energy costs represent a large expense in the HVAC business. Air Conditioning systems in commercial, industrial and residential premises are responsible for larger portion those expenses.
Ultimate 1 have designed functional HVAC solutions for businesses through energy efficiency and savings.
Some of the options that we can offer are:
Air conditioning systems that use R410A refrigerant, which both increases the energy efficiency of the compressor and also has an Ozone Depletion Potential of 0.00.

We can design and install energy efficient systems, using energy monitoring systems, and or devices that allow you to fine tune the system to save not only on those larger bills, but will save our environment. This includes using systems that have energy smart zoning. Have you heard the term ‘leave a room, turn off the light to save electricity’? We can design systems that do exactly the same thing with your zones. We can also offer fabric ducting. This offers an innovative, green solution to traditional ventilation and airflow construction options.

We provide maintenance & service by having your systems maintained on a regular basis. This helps with the performance and improves the energy efficiency on ducted systems, and well-sealed duct systems. Utilising the correct connectors and accessories will increase performance, lower energy bills & comply with standards. The same goes across all components