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Environmental Footprint

Ultimate 1 strives for a cleaner and greener environment. We live and work in the area so we care about what happens to the environment around us. We have implemented recycling of all our products including cardboard, timber, old air conditioning units which are all recycled at local recycling facilities to Australian Standards. Our environmental policies are clear and defined and include daily consideration to where we live and our Australian neighbours.

• We regularly attend seminars that are conducted with improving the environment. Our office uses recycled products wherever possible including the recycling of printer cartridges.
• All new vehicles purchased by Ultimate 1 run on LPG.
• We stringently adhere to the Refrigerant reclamation standards to global protocols.
• Promotion of air conditioning systems using newer, safer refrigerants.
• Cardboard, timber, paper and metal recycling.
• We are regularly involved in local and national industry recycling needs.
• We share your enthusiasm of a greener, cleaner environment.
• We are involved in the local Chamber of Commerce plan to clean up industry.